Does your Customer Success Team understand its WHAT?

Do Customer Success teams really need a mission? Your company also has a mission statement (or they should). Isn’t that enough? It’s also fairly obvious what a Customer Success team needs to do. You have to help your customers and provide value. Why do you need to add another layer here?

Why you need a mission statement

What is a mission statement?

Very simply, a mission statement should be a clear and straightforward statement so that everyone in the company understands what your team does. It should answer the question “what do we do?” As I outlined in my blog post The Cycle of Customer Success: A Blueprint for Customer Success Teams,

  • At Updater: To have “no moves left behind”. This was focused on the moving industry. It ensured that we providing the best experience for the consumer, for our real estate clients, and for the business. We hired and structured our team accordingly.
  • At Kustomer: “We are the champions of our clients and their customers. We build trusted relationships by consulting with, educating, and supporting our clients and by becoming an extension of their team.” We are focused on being our client’s champions but also on being more proactive as this will create more trusted relationships. We’re working on implementing a strategy to support this.

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