20 Ways to Guarantee That You Will Accelerate Your Career in Customer Success

Note: This is an excerpt from a post I wrote for the Strikedeck blog.

Recognizing Your Own Impact

I will never forget a number of years ago back when I was at Eloqua and was called into my manager’s office. I was first worried that I had done something wrong. I had been toiling away with a number of our smaller customers in the Austin, Texas area working many long days and nights. I was slightly surprised to hear that my role was now changing. I was asked to step up and manage some of our largest and most valuable enterprise customers. I remember being extremely excited yet slightly terrified.

Myth: Career Progression Means Moving Up the Ladder

I had the pleasure of interviewing some of the best and brightest leaders in Customer Success in NYC recently. This panel included: Samantha Burkley, Senior Client Success Manager at Updater; Malicia Basdeo, Director, Strategic Accounts at Bitly; and Elizabeth Quispe, Director, Customer Success at Alpha. While it’s clear that the profession of Customer Success is on the rise as evidenced by LinkedIn’s recent most promising jobs report, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to land a job. It also doesn’t mean that it’s easy to progress in your role. Hard work alone isn’t going to cut it.

20 Ways to Accelerate Your Career in Customer Success

To see the rest of the post, please go to the Strikedeck blog.

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