I’m not someone who likes methodologies as I like to keep a clear perspective and be open to change. As someone who studied history, I preferred to use facts and evidence rather than theories and methodologies as the main guides in my decision-making process. After spending over 15 years in Customer Success, I have however recognized some distinct patterns in how the best Customer Success teams are run. I’ve created a comprehensive yet simple approach that you can use to avoid many of the mistakes that I made and double down on the best strategies that the Customer Success community…

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“Not another client!” If you are a Customer Success Manager, you may have uttered those words once or twice in your career when your manager assigned you a new client that you now need to manage. It’s the reality of being a CSM and it’s your opportunity to go out there and make them successful. It’s best to embrace this but make sure that the transition is done well. …

I’m exhausted. This year has easily been the most challenging time of my life handling everything that has been thrown at me. I’m grateful for my health and the health of my family, but the pandemic has taken a toll on me. I’m confined to my home, and I can no longer see my colleagues nor visit our clients in person. My children and I are on Zoom calls all day and I’m trying to keep my family and myself from going insane. The only thing that is certain is uncertainty. I’m doing my best. My team and I have…

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“What are your priorities?” asks a tentative customer success manager. All they get back in return from the client is a puzzled look over Zoom, and silence. The now frazzled CSM tries again: “What outcomes are you looking to achieve?” There is more silence followed by a very guarded response from the customer “why are you asking me these questions when we asked you to help resolve these product issues?”. This CSM is now on the defensive and may have lost any ability to have a more strategic conversation with…

Do Customer Success teams really need a mission? Your company also has a mission statement (or they should). Isn’t that enough? It’s also fairly obvious what a Customer Success team needs to do. You have to help your customers and provide value. Why do you need to add another layer here?

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Why you need a mission statement

It’s something that earlier in my career as a CS leader I didn’t pay much attention to. I focused more on the problems and tried to lay out a strategy to address them. I didn’t realize the mistake I was making. Creating a mission statement is actually one of…

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March 11, 2020, was a warm and sunny day with a beautiful blue sky. I had just enjoyed a relaxed lunch at a sushi restaurant just north of San Francisco with my client. As we devoured our sushi tacos, sashimi, and teriyaki we discussed our fears over the canceled events and conferences like Austin’s annual South by Southwest festival and Coachella. …

This post was originally posted on The Success League.

“I can’t believe that customer is going to churn! Their usage looks great and we’ve met a few times recently. This was a complete surprise.” This conversation happens too often within many Customer Success (CS) organizations. The root cause of churn is typically a failure to understand and achieve your customer’s business outcomes. How do you overcome this and prevent the cycle of churn from reoccurring?

By business outcomes, I’m referring to the reasons why your customers have purchased your product or service in the first place and the reasons they…

Originally posted on the Success League Blog.

You’ve just convinced your CFO and other key executives that you need a Customer Success (CS) platform and you’ve been given the green light to start an evaluation process. Congrats! That’s an achievement in itself. Before you start lining up those demo calls, have you thought through how you’re going to ensure you purchase the right solution, get your internal stakeholders bought in and successfully implement it? This can be a daunting task for any Customer Success leader.

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It’s easy to get stuck and make mistakes when selecting a Customer Success Platform.

There’s a lot at stake here. Your team is depending on you. Your company is…

“Product never commits to specific dates”

“Customer Success always says yes to customer requests”

These were a few of the responses to the question “what are the misconceptions that Product and Customer Success (CS) have of each other” that we discussed at a recent PulseLocal NYC meetup hosted at Updater.

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I assumed going into our meetup that the main issue was that CS and Product aren’t communicating with each other. That is actually not the case. The frequency of meetings and communication between these departments was quite good with many teams meeting weekly or bi-weekly. The main issue is the…

This post originally appeared on The Success League blog.

As you’re checking your calendar to start the day, you see there is a two hour block for “QBR Prep” at 10:00 am. The room suddenly feels a lot warmer and beads of sweat appear on your forehead. You think to yourself “did someone mess with the thermostat?” You then remember that this the normal feeling you get when preparing a QBR. It’s such a massive pain to put together. You have to pull data from 10 different places and then put all of the pieces together so it will make…

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